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    Unanswered: low connection on server

    hello people i have something to ask and opinon on this problem..
    we are using Sybase (font-in) as our database,powerbuilder( back-in)
    and IBM server xSeries 206 as our happen sometimes the
    user is hang-up in connecting our database.. here the question
    what are factors on causing this hang-up or low connection?
    pls help me... and thanks for your concern...

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    First you need to get the ends correctly organised:
    - Sybase is the back end, hopefully on the x/206
    - PowerBuilder is the front end, hopefully on PCs
    - in between, there is a network
    All three are configured and administered separately, as they have different config requirements,usually by 3 separate teams.

    You need to identify where the "hang up" is happening, what caused it, and address that. You can start with the network settings (because the server and PB are pretty stable, unless you have unpatched/unsupported versions).

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    longer login times means,

    --> you are either short of resources on the server. The logins are spending too long in Maintenance Token.
    exec sp_monitorconfig 'all'

    --> The logins have rather long login triggers defined, that take too long to finish and initiate the login.
    exec sp_displaylogin 'login'

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    this problem is solved im just upgrade the memory of server. now the connection is running stable.. thanks

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