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    hi - let me in (#'*+)

    All i like to have, is just a simpel view on a tipp, found over google. UNBELIVEABLE, that i need over 35 min. to get an account, wrote a short letter and all those thinks, before i can read this #*~-Hint!


    I'm totaly pissed off!

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    Thumbs down Better to be P***ed off than P***ed on.

    Well, "sweetie" it may have gone a tad bit faster if you could spell at all. It only took me about 2 minutes, here's a hint. Fill out the forms with proper spelling and grammer, then invest the extra 2 bucks and get rid of the DIAL UP.

    Oh, by the way you should have spent at least a minute reading the forum swearing, no disparaging remarks, and have a modicum of self control and restraint...I know I used big words spelled correctly to look up the definitions go to

    A tad bit of advice....sometimes its better to remain silent and let the world think you're a fool than to open your big mouth and remove all doubt....get back to us when you figure out what that means....I'll check back in say about 7 months...

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