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    Unanswered: Regarding User Connections

    Hi All,

    I had java application which connects to sybase DB throguh jdbc.

    As the number of connections increase,my java application gets hanged due to max user connection limits in Sybase ( default max connection: 50)

    Earlier this application were working fine with the same set of users and transactions.

    But now I'm constantly observing this problem of exceeding max user connnections.

    These has been no change in java code and Sybase DB connection settings.

    Its seems the problem is basically with release of connections.

    Please suggest , What could be the root cause for the problem.

    On our side we have not made any changes with the DB or code, and
    application was not hanging up as it is now.

    Sybase Version : 11.0.3
    OS : Solaris 5.9
    Java : 1.4.2

    Looking forward for your cooperation.

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    Maybe you don't close connections properly? DB might have done that for you earlier, but something changed and now it doesn't.

    I would've doublecheck the java code where you release connection object...

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    Also ...

    IF the connections are not being released, they may not be dropped when they "die" ...
    check the tcp_keep_alive (and related) unix kernel parameter
    but this is unlikely if the app is supposed to drop them

    Note, apps that make multiple connections to the ASE server are famous for:
    a not managing their connections properly (as so psot appears to identify)
    b deadlocking (one connection) against themselves (another connection)
    so watch out for this.

    On our side we have not made any changes with the DB or code, and application was not hanging up as it is now.
    If I have heard this once, I have heard this a thousand times. Not once was it true. It is your job to check (you do have monitoring and auditing, don't you ?) both before and after and identify exactly what has changed (the evidence is something has changed). A customer called me in last week, because a production system broke (slow response) after fully testing a Sybase release, no changes to the app. Ran an auditing script and guess what: two indexes missing plus two duplicate indexes. Amazing what a typo will produce, especially if you do not check the results. Point is problem was in the app, not Sybase release.

    What in God's name are you (apparently a software vendor) doing still on 11.0.3. Without checking my ancient diaries, from memory, that is more than nine years old, and end-of-lifed ages ago. Get with the program.
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