In my VB6 application I creatre one file on another machine in the network on an hourly basis ( i.e. until the curreny hour does not change).The sequence of writing data to file is as follows

1. Find if the file peratining to current hour already exist. If not create it else open the existing file in append mode. ) open file " \\Salescomputer\c\data\200608141400.txt" as # 1 for appendend/output
2. Write the data ( Print #1, strdata)
3. Close the file ( close #1)

I am repeating this cycle every 10 seconds. Sometimes there is a delay of about 15 seconds before the data is written ( once the data is written a new screen appears tha is how I find out if the writing operation was immediate or there was some delay)

This delay of 15 seconds does nor happen evry time I attempt to write . Can someone tell me the reason of this delay a remedy .

VK Aggarwal