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    Question Unanswered: A potentially silly question

    What does it mean when you declare a variable, say intCount and then in the assigment statement put a percent symbol in like this

    intCount% = some value

    I've seen it in someone else's code and I'm trying to understand it and I don't know the implication of the %. Thank you in advance for your time and your replies.

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    This indicates that the intCount variable is an Integer Data Type variable

    Dim intCount%

    is the same as

    Dim intCount As Integer

    In VB you can Declare a variable Data Type to one of several different Types:

    Integer Data Type is: %
    Long Data Type is: &
    Currency Data Type is: @
    Double Data Type is: #
    Single Data Type is: !
    Variant Data Type is: dont use anything

    Note: No question is silly if your not sure what the answer is.
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