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    Unanswered: DTS Package Help


    I've been viewing this forum for some good time but have rarely posted.

    Right now, I'm working on this one dts package trying to find the table/query/view that the information is being pulled from as designed by a predecessor of mine. The DTS package in question is responsible for outputting the file csv file only has two objects in the design view of the package.
    - Connection object pointing towards a connection with no descriptive name since this dates back before there was any sort of naming convention implemented in this organization.
    - This connection object then has a arrow pointing toward a file output object which outputs to a file.

    So basically at this point, I do not know anywhere else to go to further on this dts package and modify the source or query that is loading up this text file.

    What can I do to find the source? If there are further details needed, I can and will post a picture for reference.

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    Right-click any of the icons and select Properties.
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    In the properties view of the objects, it doesn't seem to show or point toward a table/query/view.

    In the connections object, it simply provides this information:
    Name: Connection 1
    x Existing Connection: Connection 1
    Datasource: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
    Server: (Local)
    Use Windows Authentication
    Database XXXX

    In the File Output object, it simply provides this information:
    Name: Connection 2
    Existing Connection: Connection 2
    Datasource: Text File (Destination)
    File Name: C:\XXXX.csv

    Those are the only details the properties view of the objects provides.

    Edit: Found the table that it is being read from. However, I haven't found how the table is being populated.
    Edit2: Ah the table was actually a view. Thanks for all your help. You pointed me in the right direction.
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    Is there an arrow between the icons? Rightclick it and check the properties.

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