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    Unanswered: Which way is the best way to connect?


    Im new to databases, and mysql in fact, and I have been a bit confused by the number of ways to connect.

    Alot of different tuorials show different ways to connect. But what I want to know is what is the best way to connect to my mysql database?

    Im using odbc at the moment, and it works fine, however I read an article that saying connecting staright to oledb is way better. But my host does not have oledb drivers so im sure I cant do it that way.

    any help is appreciated.

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    Depends on the application you are using. If it is web based program then you could use a socket which I am told is more secure. If it is a c,java,c++ program then I would use an oledb connection.

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    I think it doesn't make a really big difference between the ways as far as your program will keep going smooth with all the ways.

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