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    Question Unanswered: Pervasive SQL or MS SQL Server


    I have been a user of MS SQL Server for a long time now. But now our new client has requested us to use Pervasive SQL for there Web Based Application. But I wanted to strong reasons as to why to use Pervasive or actually Why not. Therefore i request you guys out there to assist me in deciding which DB to use?

    From the surfing I have done I learnt that initially the SQL Support by Pervaisve SQL was very weak as it was very strong in the Transactional model.

    How strong is Pervasive SQL as a Relational DBMS?

    What are the Pros and Cons of Pervasive SQL compared to MS SQL Server?

    Your assistance in this will be greatly appreciated.


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    PSQL supports full SQL.
    THe main differences between PSQL and MS SQL are the following:
    PSQL runs on Windows, NetWare, and Linux.
    PSQL costs less (TCO) than MS SQL. Here are some links:
    I know that PSQL is used by a number of companies for their web data access.
    You might check out the Pervasive References page:
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