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    Question Unanswered: access deny 'PdoxUsers.Lck File' do with Linux ?

    It was a very old AP with leaving no source codes.
    These days it often hang.
    ( I doubt single.DB is too large- about 250MB )
    So I just move the paradox data from Netware 3.1 to Suse linux (OES).

    Now the problem is only ONE client PC can run this AP very well at the same time.
    But when 2nd client PC try to run this ap, the error messenge will pop up-- "access deny 'PdoxUsers.Lck File' " (see the attached pic).

    I have 'chmod' the data share in linux to 775.
    What else should I do ?

    Thanks very much!
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    You should verify that local share is enabled and the NET DIR setting is exactly the same in each and every BDE configuration in every workstation that accesses this data.

    By EXACTLY i mean IDENTICAL: if in a workstation the NET DIR is set to J:\ it should be the same IDENTICAL drive letter and path in every other pc.
    The only failure is not trying to do it.

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    A slight correction ...

    Well, not quite. The path to the net directory file does have to be the same for all users, but the drive letter does not suffer the same constraint.

    After you've done all the Shores has suggested, try deleting all of Paradox' .lck and .net files that you can find. Then it should work.

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