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    Unanswered: configuring generic connectivity for SQL Server 2000

    Hi Forum,

    1.I am using windows 2000 OS.
    2.I have SQL Server 2000 and Oracle 10 g server on the same machine(but i need it for different machines).
    3.I have already read the asktom document but i found very little help.
    4.I have edited the tnsnames.ora,listeners.ora.

    I create a ODBC connection named ORASQL.
    Then created initORASQL.ora in $ORACLE_HOME/hs

    After that i created the database link using
    Create database link SQLSRV Connet to jay identified by jay using 'ORASQL';
    It says link succesfully created.

    then i place a query as:
    select * from dbo.test4@SQLSRV;

    i got the ERROR as
    ORA-12154:TNS:Could Not Resolve the Connect Identifier Specified.

    i am unable to understand where i have gone wrong.

    Guys if u find any article or suggestions.
    Post me at

    Thanks & Regards,
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