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    Unanswered: slowness in query excution

    hello every 1
    can any one tell me ?

    the most likekly cause for slow execution of the statement.

    here are the table and qeury

    Table one
    module(module_id int, department char(15));

    Table two
    student(student_id int, name char(15), gender char(5));

    Table three
    Create table module_student(module_id int, student_id int, date_attended char(5));


    Select distinc s.student_id
    From module m, module_student ms, student s
    And s.gender=’M’
    And m.department = ‘Computer science’;

    many thanx

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    If you have a large number of records in the tables, and the tables don't have any indexes, your query will run slow. Also I noticed that 'Computer science' is 16 characters long, and your quering a 15 character field.

    Hope this helps.

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