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    Unanswered: Values rounding when loaded into array...

    I am loading a table into a variant array using GetRows.

    The table has a field called "balance", and the first record is rounded (ie 46445). All of the other records have at least 5 decimal places for balance.

    The problem is that when the field is loaded into the array, all of the values are being rounded to 1 decimal place, and I need the additional granularity.

    Does anyone know of a way to load numeric values to an array with getrows and tell Access not to assume a rounding position?


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    Numbers rounded

    Did you define your array as integer or real or decimal? I'm not sure but maybe you need to redefine your array. Scratch that...sorry didn't see you said "variant array"
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    Is this ADO or DAO?

    Can you change the order of the rows and, if so, does it make a difference (i.e. if the first value is not rounded)?
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