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    Unanswered: how to relate to image in another form?

    Hellllo everyone...
    I am facing a problem related to images in forms.

    Well, here is my problem

    Form1: I have PicID field in a form based on table and an image box named img
    Form2: holds a number of image boxes..image1 hosts the picture of PicID if it is 1, image 2 hosts the picture of PicID if it is 2 and so on.

    Now I need somethings to do.
    1 ) in form1 coding I need to open form2 autumatically without me clicking on the sounds so simple and I really tried lots of codes but I don't know why it shouldn't work and I deleted all what I did due to frustration. so I can't post my code about this section

    2)Then I need to tell form1 to retrieve the image of the same value of PicID
    Here is my code put into a nextvaluebutton:
    Me.Img.Picture = Forms!Form2!Image & Me.PicID & .Picture 'of course Form2 should be open


    This does not works when I write this:
    Me.Img.Picture = Forms!Form2!Image1.Picture 'of course Form2 should be open
    but I want it to change the image box according to the change in value of PicID, so that it shows image1 if PicID = 1 and shows image2 if PicID = 2 and so on.
    I can't use IF statement since there are so much pictures

    Is it clear? I hope so....
    I know there are other ways to display pictures but i am really determined to do this because it suits the design of my program so well that I um fixed to it.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
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    Me.Img.Picture = Forms("Form2").Controls("Image" & Me.PicID).Picture

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    YES, this one works...I had not idea about this method.
    Thanks a lot for the help, I really highly appreciate it....

    finally open form worked with me this time, don't know what it didn't at first

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks alot
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