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    Unanswered: Linked Server to Sybase using CR Sybase Wire Protocol ODBC Driver 5.0


    In most cases I've used the ASA drivers to create a linked server and connect to a sybase database from SQL Server 2000. For this case I have the CR Sybase Wire Protocol ODBC Driver 5.0. I'm able to test connect via ODBC Data Source Administrator, but lost when it comes to creating a linked server with these drivers.

    My question is how can I get these drivers to show up as a provider name in the linked server properties. (Like the ASA drivers)

    I've tried connecting using the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Driver and the corresponding Data Source, but it hangs with no error message. I'm not quite sure this method is correct or not.

    Thanks alot guys

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    Sybase Wire Protocol ODBC Driver 5.0 is emant for use with ASE and not ASA. You should instead use the iAnywhere ODBC Driver 9.0

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