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    Unanswered: PLEASE HELP with Alter tablespace

    Hi All,

    My tablespace space is allocated with high number of pages: therefore I want to resize the tablespace.

    Do I need to unload data before run ALTER tablespace with RESIZE option to secure the data and load it again after ALTER tablespace with RESIZE done to make sure that the data in my tables is instant.

    In addition, how can I test if my data is instant after resize the tablespace.

    The first question is more important.

    Thx everyone.

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    You do not need to move the data off the tablespace, however, you cannot lower the container sizes below the high water mark. If there are now fewer rows than previously in the table, the high water mark can be lowered using db2dart (but you may need to reorg first).

    If you have more than one container in the tablespace, you need to resize them together in the same SQL statement, otherwise as soon as you resize one container, DB2 will try to rebalance the containers.

    You can see the size (including high water mark) with:

    connect to sample
    db2 list tablespaces show detail

    For each tablespace number, you can see the container sizes with:

    db2 list tablespace containers for 0 [this is the tablespace number from above command).
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