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    Unanswered: Slowness on multi processor boxes.


    Howdy all. I have a query with bizarre results in Query Analyzer.

    Box1; 4 x 3.0 processors, 4 gigs of RAM. Results never come back.
    Box2; 8 x 3.0 processors, 16 gigs of RAM. Results never come back.

    Both of the above boxes are extremely under utilized. The absolute max amount of CPU being used is 25%. Box1 had 1 gig free RAM and Box2 had 7 gigs free RAM.

    Box3; 1 x 3.0 processor, 1 gig of RAM. Results in 15 seconds.
    Box4, all the same as box 3.

    I took a backup of the DB and restored it from box to box to box, so I know everything is identical.

    I once had a deadlock issue where I had to use the maxDop hint and tried that here, but it didn't help.

    All ideas are appreciated.

    TIA, cfr

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    this sounds like something that happens when a query is executed in parallel on an SMP machine and SQL Server finds a way to block itself. There are, of course, many factors involved... paste in a copy of your query and let us look at it, along with any significant table stats/info.

    You could probably confirm this by putting an "option (maxdop 1)" at the end of your query to see if it performs better.

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