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    Hey all... our company ( has opened up some positions and I figured coming here to fill everyone in would be our best bet to find the talent we need. Also, if you refer someone you can get a 250.00 American Express Gift Certificate (if they get hired), so if you know someone who has the skills we need, then please contact me as well.

    Here's a list of openings:

    .. Software Developer
    .. User Interface Software Developer
    .. Technical Program Manager
    .. Software Test Engineer Lead
    .. Software Test Engineer
    .. Data Operations Lead
    .. Development Manager

    If you have skills in any of these areas and want to move to Seattle (or already live in Seattle) send me a PM immediately.

    The deadline to get these positions filled is August 31st. This also applies to the referral program. The applicant must have a job offer presented to them by that date for you to be eligible for the gift certificate if you refer them.

    Also... we have spec sheets for each position available. For sake of space I decided against posting them all here. =]

    Feel free to e-mail for more information at saikins[at]

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    Thanks for the sticky. =]

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