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    Unanswered: reference subform on tab control

    How do I reference a subform on a tab control. I'm trying to reference a field on the subform in a macro because I'm not to familiar with VBA. This is what I have so far under the condition column:


    Main Form: frmEmploymentVerification
    Tab Control Name: TabEmployment
    Sub Form: sfmEmploymentVerification6M
    Field on Sub Form: OpenedDateFilter

    I get the message stating that MS Access can't find the field sfmEmploymentVerification6M.Form referred to in your expression.

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    Controls can't have "." in their name. Are you sure you don't mean:

    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Ya, you're right that's what it should be. I had been looking into other forums for suggestions and I guess I misunderstood the thread. I changed it to what you had and I now get the following error:

    The action or method is invalid because the form or report isn't bound to a table or query.

    My subform is bound to a query so I'm not sure what that means.

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