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    Unanswered: Wrapping Columns in a GridView

    I am having 20 bounded columns for a gridview, I want to spread them out so I get 4 columns in 1 tow, and another 4 on next row, and so on

    Label1 Label2 Label3 Label4
    data1 data2 data3 data4

    Label5 Label6 Label7 Label8
    data5 data6 data7 data8

    instead of what I have now:
    __________________________________________________ ______________
    Label1 Label2 Label3 Label4 Label5 Label6 Label7 Label8
    data1 data2 data3 data4 data5 data6 data7 data8
    __________________________________________________ ______________

    thanks for any help~

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    Have you considered using two dg, one below the other. and binding the first four columns to the top one and the last four to the bottom? That way should you add new data, each will expand accordingly.

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