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    Unanswered: rman archive backup to tape and disk

    hi ,
    I am using oracle RAC database on solaris 5.9.
    I am trying to backup all the inactive archive logs from archive destination (say "/arc/") to tape(OMNIBACK) and
    then to disk(say "/arch_disk").
    Then delete all the archivelogs from ("/arc/*.arc") archive dest. which are just backedup.
    Ultimately I should have the same backup set on tape and disk.
    Currently I am using the follwing script to achive this..,

    rman << EOF
    connect target rman/rman@mydb;
    connect catalog rman/rman@mydb;
    run {
    allocate channel dev_1 type 'SBT_TAPE'
    sql "alter system switch logfile";
    backup archivelog all ;
    release channel dev_1;
    allocate channel dev_1 type disk
    format '/u08/oradata/mdb/rmantest/%t_%s.arc';
    backup archivelog all delete all input;
    release channel dev_1;

    I am not sure is it correct way of doing it.
    I doubt that if there are any new archives created during the tape backup going on and it will be backed up to disk.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You could just backup to disk and then backup the backupset to tape. If you issued:
    backup device type disk database plus archivelog delete all input;
    this will automatically archive the current redo logs and delete all the archive logs once they are backed up. At this point, you could backup the entire backupset to tape with:
    backup device type sbt backupset all;

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