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    Question Unanswered: Sending audio frequency to USB port

    How can I send a sound to a USB port at a specified frequency and length?

    BEEP IS NOT WHAT I Need! I may need to send 10502 Hz for 3 minutes; later, 988 Hz for 1 minute.

    I need code (please, if possible) not OCX, VXD or DLL, etc. If not possible, a freeware code.


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    Welcome to the Forum...

    Odd request to place into this particular forum unless of course you are attempting GPS Asset Tracking or something to that nature. In any case, to do this without the use of at least DLL librarys even through C would be like jumping off a cliff and then inventing a means to fly on your way down. In VB or may as well rip your underware off and stick'em over your head. At least that way you wont see when you hit the ground and failed.

    You will at least need to use some Windows API functions to get near your task. One in particular would be the DeviceIoControl API function which is contained within the Kernel32.DLL file. All current Windows platforms contain this DLL.

    To do what you want is an in depth task and I personnally will not get into it here but attached is a document that can help get you started in either VB or C. There could be an entire forum based on this topic alone.


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    Yeah, whatever.

    You do realise this is an Access forum? Right?
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    That's MS Access, not access in the general sense.
    Hope this helps!

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