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Thread: DB2 HA Issue

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    Unanswered: DB2 HA Issue

    For the issue where the actual server hostname is stored in the db2nodes.cfg file IBM recommends the following to correct it. Our UNIX guys said there was an alias to both servers, but when I put their alias in the cfg file the database would not start. I'm assuming their alias is network specific and will not work. How would I define this alias suggested below or would I need to get a UNIX admin involved? The DBAs does not have sudo rights so any commands requiring root authority would need to be done by a UNIX admin.

    To correct the primary server's configuration, you can choose from one of the following options:
    Define a host alias on both the primary and secondary machine. This alias should reference the corresponding hostname on the primary and secondary machines.
    Specify the host alias in the second column of the db2nodes.cfg file.
    For example, if the host alias is called "db2ha", then the db2nodes.cfg should look like this:
    0 db2ha 0

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    you need to edit enties in /etc/hosts file on both primary and secondary to reflect the alias name..otherwise db2 will not be able to recognize the alias name you put in db2nodes.cfg

    the entry in /etc/hosts looks like this

    Ipaddress hostname aliasname

    ask your unix admin to add this entry on both primary and secondary

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