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    Unanswered: SQL Server 2 Oracle Migration

    Hello All,

    Proabably i am very new to the world of oracle and got stuck in my first attempt .

    We have the application which is currently working on SQL Server 2000 and we are migrating to Oracle 10g.

    Starting, I created one database on the oracle server, and then using import export utility of the SQL Server i migrated on SQL Table to the Oracle under the user Scott.

    Now using TOAD when i login to my database with the user scott, and do the select on the table which i migrated it gives me table or view does not exists, where as when i do Select * fRom Tab; i can view that table in the list.

    Can anyone let me know what is the reason for that?? may be becuase of rights or somthing else?


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    Was the table created as case sensitive, in which case do

    select * from "tablename"

    where the double quotes ensure it does a case sensitive match for table name.

    As for migrating from sqlserver you could do worse than use Oracle's own tool , Oracle Migration Workbench which makes it much easier to port over both the data and procedures.


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    aha Thanks a lot it worked for me.

    I will look into Oracle Migration Workbench, thanks for the suggestions.

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