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    Unanswered: Is it possible to have one single backup server to backup N instances?


    I am new to Sybase Admin. but I know how to create a backup server for single instance (i.e 1:1). However, is it possible to create a backup server which serve N instances ? I am not going to do the backup
    all at the same time but will do it one by one by using Autosys.
    Is it possbile to use single backup server to serve N instances ?

    If yes, how ?


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    Yes, ensure SYB_BACKUP in sysservers.srvname point to the same srvnetname

    But I advise against it as the backup server log does not indicate to which server the dump/load belong.

    e.g. if you dump sysbsystemprocs of srv1 and load to srv2
    The backup server log will not indicate which of the 2 servers
    the dump was from or to which instance it was loaded

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