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    I would like help in writing code that indicates that the result generated is greater than what is needed.

    For example I have a field where I enter the amount of leave John Paul takes. At the end of the month I calculate the total amount of leave John Paul takes.

    What I want to do is generate a message if John Paul total amount of leave exceeds say 17 days!

    How do I write code for that?

    Its an microsoft access database!

    Thanks for the help!

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    Do you have a field or table that has all the maximum days each person has? If so, why not just do check against that?
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    Not enough info. What is this "result generated", how does that happen? We talking form, report, query? What constitutes a "generated message"? Is this an automated process?

    Actually, just Read This.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Since you've given such little information you can try this:

    If Nz(DLookup("[AmountOfLeaveDaysInTable]", "TableName", "[EmployeeName]='" & _
          Me.NameOfEmployeeOnForm & "'"), 0) > 17 Then
       MsgBox "H E Y ... " & Me.NameOfEmployeeOnForm & " Has Taken To Many " & _
              "Leave Days! - Fire Him/Her", vbExclaimation, "To Many Leave Days"
    End If
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