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    Question Unanswered: parsing data from Flat file

    Hi all,

    I've a flat file and has 10 lines or records that are not delimited by any space or delimiter. For each line, ie: SSN is position 10 to 19 and trailer death status is on line 10, position 20 to 21.

    How do I view data in flat file where I specify a line number, from position and to position? Pls specify what function, command, syntax should I use, please provide an example.


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    You can use a while loop to loop tru the file
    And use cut -c
    see tread for example
    Or to view e.g. line 3
    sed -n '3p' flatfile | cut -c10-19,20-21

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    Thanks a lot

    It was really helpful as it will help me automate the flat file validation instead of the tedious manual validation using TextPad.

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