I'm using package DBMS_XMLQUERY.
When I use GETXML function, sometimes I get this error:

ORA-00600: internal error, args: [KSMASG1],[4032],[4032],[],[],[],[],[]

My call si like that:

:result := sys.dbms_xmlquery.getxml(sqlquery => 'select var1, var2, var3 from table where ... ',metatype => : null);

Sometimes run, sometimes get an error. My sql is not heavy only gets about 10 records.
I think may be a problem of shared memory, similar to ORA-4031 or ORA-4032.
¿Could be a problem of size in shared memory, java_pool_size?. My values are:

shared_pool_size 67108864
shared_pool_reserved_size 3355443
large_pool_size 100663296
java_pool_size 33554432

Any advice about DBMS_XMLQUERY will be greatly apreciatted.

Thanks in advance