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    Question Unanswered: need help in VB Code

    Hi All
    I have this Code
    Dim fd2 as date
    dim td2 as date
    dim f1 as string

    fd2 = text9.text
    td2 = text10.text
    f1 = datacombo1.text

    ----- NOTE --- all the date format is dd/mm/yyyy
    ------ etc
    RS.Open "Select " & F1 & ", Sum(Qty) As Qty From CarSales WHERE CCDate Between #" & fd2 & "# and #" & td2 & "# Group By CarSales." & F1 & ""

    the proble is
    when i enter the the date like this
    text9.text = 1/2/2006
    text10.text = 1/2/2006

    it gives me nothing and there is no recored even that i have records with the date 1/2/2006

    and if i enter the date like this
    text9.text = 2/1/2006
    text10.text = 2/1/2006

    its gives me the informations for month 2
    i dont know why this happen

    Sami Al Damiri ...

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    Hi Sam76,

    Could it be the case of your variable (f1 vs F1)?
    or the value which is entered into the combo box which is linked to the variable?



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    Are you connecting to an Access DB?

    If so the SQL query only accepts dates in the American Formet mm/dd/yyyy. Even if the date is in dd/mm/yyyy in the database.

    Hope this helps.

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    if that's the issue, you can change it in the variable instance, I also just thought about the fact that you're comparing text against a date.

    you could use:

    hope that helps?


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    Also, remember that a date field in Access is actually a double, containing the day number and the decimal portion of the day. 1.45 would represent 10:48:00 AM on December 31, 1899. (Since the zero date is 12:00:00 AM on Dec 30, 1899.) If you don't specify a time, Access assumes midnight of the date in question.

    However, this also implies that you are looking for a date that falls between two identical dates at midnight. I would suggest formatting to include start and end times as well.

    in other words,
    select Field1, Field2 from Table1 Where DateField Between #1/2/2006 00:00:00# And #1/2/2006 23:59:59#
    (actually, the 00:00:00 isn't needed, as it is assumed...)
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