I need help from you guys with setting up partitioned environment on 2 boxes. One already has DB2 installed on it and has a development database. I want to use this as a secondary partition and dont want to touch the existing database. The second box is not being used and I can do anything I want. I want to create a partitioned database on these 2 boxes for testing our Dataware house application.
1. I refered the document, it says to install DB2 on primary partition with -r option and use that response file to install partitions. But how do I proceed if there is already have DB2 installed and a database on one of the boxes.
2. Please suggest me how to create a partitioned node on my development box with touching the existing database.
3. Does any one has a quick step by step document to share...prepared for your reference

OS: Red Hat 9.
DB2: 8.2.4

Thanks in Advance