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    Unanswered: Creating conditional drop down list

    Hi Folks,

    I want to create conditional drop down lists for the attached xl file, and want to know if that is possible.
    For e.g, when I select 'Documentation' in colum A, I would like to get the selection G12-G16 in column B. and when I select Business Apps in A, I would like a drop down list in column B that shows selections G19-G23.
    I want to know if this is possible.

    I can currently create drop down list using Data Validation(as you can see in file) ,but know only to select the entire list pasted elsewhere in spreadsheet

    Look forward to your replies.

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    Yes, this can be done. Dave Hawley at Ozgrid has a good simple write up about how to do this.

    One suggestion: Make your lists on the second sheet, and used named ranges. That way you can refer to them in the Data Validation (if you do not use named ranges, you won't be able to refer to a different worksheet).
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    You are the best. Thanks!

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