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    Unanswered: How do you Mirror your Oracle Database

    I need some information from those wishing to participate.

    But by giving information you are in effect helping others I am certain.

    So the question is simple:

    How do you mirror your database environment? Just for a refresher, mirroring is basically taking a copy of your database and copying it across to somewhere else.

    Hardware? Do you use the power of your disk subsystem?

    Software? Do you use something like Data Guard?

    Use Oracle RAC? Do you mirror a full Oracle RAC environment. So if you have a three node system, do you mirror your database to another three node system?

    Simple, Sweet, and THANKS!

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    if you just want a copy then an rman restore is easy enough.
    if you want a copy to possibly failover to then use a standby database.
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