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    Unanswered: A pretty fun Matching Line Puzzle in VB

    I had a lot of fun creating this puzzle. It's of course, virus free and there's no special coding or install/uninstalll routine with it. Simply unzip it and run the application. Delete the application file when you're done.

    I made a Beginner's and Advance level on this one. I also added in a checkbox which allows you to rotate the upper left line box. I added this in because I wasn't sure if this puzzle was solvable without it (and I wanted to make sure that any and all puzzles I create are solvable). If you can solve this puzzle in the Advance mode and without the upper left arrow check box, please let me know as I couldn't do it (I'm better at creating these than I am solving them.) Otherwise, it's a pretty simple (and hopefully fun) puzzle.

    I hope you have as much fun trying to solve this one as I did creating it. Any feedback is welcome ( and again, please email if you can do it in the Advance mode with the upper left arrow unchecked. Not being the puzzle expert like some of you out there, I'd really like to know.

    Have fun (I know most of you are wondering if I actually have a job. I do - I managed the Applications Development department for the Midwest Energy Conservation programs and I'm now the dba for another company. I started programming puzzles at the age of 15 and I guess I never broke the habit. It's my hobby but my real expertise is 15 years with relational database and object oriented programming.)
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