I've just registered at Elkie Holland's suggestion to try to e-establish contact with Alan Pritchard (who is, I understand, retiring) and with any other PICKies from the 80s and 90s who may remember me.

I retired myself last year, though I'm still involved in PICK-related work, as I do some ARev development for 1.5 days a week. The industry in general decided in 2001, only about nine months after I had decided to go contracting, that having by then reached the age of 61 I was 'past it', and the work dried up, so I went into furniture retailing for the last three years of my workng life. Whilst there I designed and developed (on an old Compass 486 PC donated by me!) a Stock & Administration for the shop, using PICK R83 Rel 3.1 and System Builder 5.1. I still go in to give a little tweak now and then, but in general it's still working very well - if it ain't broke, I don't try to fix it!

Trouble is, when the old 486 finally packs up (as it inevitably will at some point - it's almost 13 years old already) it will probably be almost impossible to replace it with like-for-like now in the general marketplace, so the whole system will have to die with it unless I can find another 486 PC or an early Pentium and a version of R83 which can handle the larger disk drives. Rumour has it that Alan may have some such goodies that he'll be wnating to off-load, so if anyone knows where I can get hold of him, or if he reads this himself, I hope he'll get in touch.

Likewise anyone who remembers me from my past life in PICK will be more than welcome to renew contact! I look forward to hearing from you all.


Brian A Heath