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    Arrow Unanswered: problem with continuos form


    i have a form which is based on query to fetch data after the data is fetched multiple rows appear in the detail section .. i created a text box(swap) after the last column in the detail section to make few calculations.all works fine till till here but problem starts when i want to update those fetched records through another query which will see the value from the text box (swap) and
    copy it in the desired column. when i run this query it only copies the first value from the form and applies it to the entire column while it shows separate values when the form is running . same i tried with the check box but failed . if i tick one check box every check box gets ticked.. how can i only tick a single check box .. i hope when i will be able to do this my first and main part (copying the value from the query ) will be solved

    plz help

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    Can you use an update query to update the data, then refresh the form?

    I use a nexted for next loop to insert purchased items into a table. A similar approach would be to use an update query in a similar fashion. Below is the code I am using along with the debug code (I am still developing this, and am working on another part, but this might give you some ideas).

    MsgBox (ROWS & " " & COLS)
    For iRowLoop = 0 To ROWS
    'For iColLoop = 0 To COLS
    For j = 1 To atablevalues(7, iRowLoop)

    'DoCmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO [tblInventoryFIFOLIFO]([Datein],[itemnumber],[unitcost]) VALUES ([EmpNbr])", 0

    ' MsgBox (atablevalues(iColLoop, iRowLoop) & "<br>")
    'Next iColLoop

    Next iRowLoop

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