Dear forum members
The report runs against db4. It has 3 subreports, all with the same ODBC connection. I ran the report distribution and then used the same setup file on 2 computers. I also created the same ODBC connection on both of them.
On one computer all 3 subreports show up. On another one does not.
I also noticed that no matter how many times I redistribute and resetup the file (i did some changes in formattings), those changes do not show up as well.
I tried to uninstall and got message about corrupted file.

Also I want to mention that in order for user to be able to run installed file, the installation should go under user network account and the user should be given temp rights to the folders.Other wise if I install the report under my account the control file gets corrupted and the user gets message:cannot open control file. What is that?

If you have any ideas what I should fix, please let me know.

I spent the whole day and it did not work.

Thank you very much