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    Unanswered: Group data AFTER formula fields have been calculated

    I'm working with a table of data that is NOT normalized: it is a log file stored as a database table but changing the way data in the table is stored is not an option.

    Before I can group the rows in a way I want, I have to run a few formula fields to derrive certain information for each row. Now my problem is that when I group the rows, I find the results of the formula fields are different (because the order in which the rows appear is different. ie: row A under heading B in the logfile might be displaced to fall under heading C after the rows have been grouped).

    Is there anyway to get Crystal to go through the whole recordset, and calculate all the formula fields, then go back and group the rows?

    Any help much appreciated,

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    Try putting the Whilereadingrecords; evaluation expression in your formulas.

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