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    Post Unanswered: Count in Group Header of Report


    I am trying to design a report using Crystal report on Student Database. I grouped the report School Wise such as that I can view Student list of a school In one page.

    In Group header, I want to show number of Student Class wise. For Example , How many No of student in Claas 2 ?

    In that case I use Formula field Where I try to use count. For example, I have Class Field named Class, and School ID field named InsID.
    I write in Formula editor of my formula field is count(Class, InsID). But I cannot get desired output. When I write count(Class, InsID, "2"), then I get error message.

    How can I solve my problem ?

    Is there anyone who can help me to solve this problem ?


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    Have you tried using a running total instead of a formula?

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    I would use a group summary to summarize the student ID field by using the "Count" summary function.

    I would make sure your report's Detail section is at the lowest possible level of your data. In this case, a list of students. You can suppress the Detail section and only show the group headers/footers.

    To apply the count summary:

    1) In your Detail section, select the field object for student ID (not name).
    2) Go to the menu bar and select the Insert menu.
    3) Select Summary.
    4) The Insert Summary window appears.
    5) The first drop down is where you select the type of summary to apply. In this case you want a "count".
    6) The second drop down is where you select which group you want the summary to begin calculating. This would be the group for Class Number. Click OK.
    7) The summary field is now placed in the group's footer. Simply move the summary field object to the group header and you should have the desired result.

    Summary Fields are the traditional way of subtotaling, counting, max/min, etc. In older version, you did not have these options and were forced to do them through Running Totals. Inserting a summary is so much easier than Running Totals. But, Running Totals still have their place for cummulative calculations and conditions that cannot be controlled using the existing grouping structure.

    Good Luck!

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