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    Hi .....

    I have to move an a database ( name is DB1 ) from aix server to linux server.
    I know that is is not possible by backup/restore but with the utility DB2MOVE.
    Unfortunatly i have no experience with db2 someone could help me with the exact command that i have to lunch to move DB1 from aix to linux. ?? plse !!
    On linux server i have installed DB2 and created the same instace name of th aix server, and i haven't creted non db ....

    Thank you in advance for your help .....

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    logon to aix with db2 instance owner, or root and su - to instance owner
    get the db name : db2 list db directory
    get tablespaces : db2 connect to dbname
    db2 list tablespaces show detail
    on linux logon the same and create database
    db2 create db dbname on /fs/fs <<---- wherever the space is..
    create the tablespaces if any needed
    db2 create regular tablespace xxx <<--- see info center for syntax
    on aix
    db2move dbname export -sn schemaname
    repeat for all schema
    ftp all files created to linux in binary mode
    db2 connect to dbname
    db2move dbname import/load <-- depending if large table use load
    for aal syntax detail see :
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    for exporting data from DB1:

    db2move mno EXPORT -u Abc -p pqr -tc T*
    where mno is dbname
    abc user , pqr password , T* tables starting with T

    file will be created in current directory in ixf format.
    move all the files to second Db :

    edit in .lst if you want to change schema etc.
    now run
    db2move mno2 import -io REPLACE_CREATE -u xyz1 -p xyz2

    i am not sure if indexes and constraints will also be created.
    check it out
    hope that helped..

    --Rahul Singh

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    Thanks a lot for your support i resolved my problem .....

    TNKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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