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    Unanswered: Command Line Arguments

    Is there a way to pass an Access database some parameters through the command line syntax? For example, I have a training module (PPT) for building construction code information. Click on the exterior of the building and you get some information about that section of the building, etc. I also have a database that is intended to be distributed with the PPT file that contains all local companies who make building construction products. There are fields in the database that further define the products, including the area of the building to which they apply. For example, a Stucco product applies to the exterior of the building.

    Within that database, I have a series of forms in which a user can query a lot of information out of the database. They can query by building area (exterior, interior...), by company name, by product name, etc.

    What I would like to do is make different areas on the PowerPoint training file clickable, directly into the Access database form. So for example, have a hyperlink of SOMETHING LIKE:


    I hope you see what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to make a "hyperlink" that opens a certain form and pre-populates that with a certain parameter.

    Is that even remotely possible, or is there a much better way of trying to do that?

    Thanks, Jason

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    Well you can use the command line to run macros.

    i.e. "msaccess database.mdb /x macro"

    How to use command-line switches in Microsoft Access

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