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    Unanswered: CDR CDRS sql err 0 isam 0

    We receive these errors in our online log in blocks
    17:08:16 CDR CDRDS: transaction aborted (One or more rows in a transaction defi
    ned with tx scope were rejected) with sql error 0 isam error 0.

    This means that a record attempting to be replicated exists on the other server. Did anyone run into this dup error before? If so what could we look for to see what is causing it. We droped and recreated replication several times and still receive that error. Thanks in advance
    Jeff Wain

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    well CDR not so easy.. but let se ,
    1. Do you have the transaction above ? if you have it, can you find it in the distination server. Well if u fine the same transaction there in that case you have the record there and it is dubilcate.
    If write this command "cdr list repl" what you get ? you should get in one of the segments CONFLICT: the value = Ignore.
    good luck

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