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    Unanswered: Newbie that requires help/advice

    Hi everyone..

    I have some experience in MS Access, I can pretty much get it to do what I need it to do.... but it isn't pretty Anyway, I have a very old Clipper application (& corresponding .dbf/.ntx files) that is is way beyond it's use limits in todays environment. So I though I would try and update it heh..

    After talking with the Original programer, who not only doesn't have the source code, but doesn't even remember clipper anymore, I decided to give it a try. I was able to decompile the .exe using Rescue5 with 2 passes. There are about 5 orginal .src or .udf files that have a line or 2 of code that ended up as garbage, but that's mostly for the screen draws.

    Anyway, I have visual foxpro, what I don't have is the knowledge to actually convert/migrate this info, and actually use it... Soo that's why I'm here, hoping to gleen alot of info that will enable me to either import into foxpro, or any other app that would transform this old crusty app into a windows program that I could work with.

    If anyone has any advice or info I would greatly appreciate it!


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    Try Alventis as an alternative?

    Hi Ken,

    Not knowing what the original database is/does/looks like, it's hard for me to tell if using a very different/alternative platform would work for you, but you certainly won't lose much by checking it out. All the info is on the Web site (see my signature), so I won't repeat myself. Basically, Alventis will let you build rather powerful relational database solutions with absolutely no programming. If it can do the job for you, it will certainly do so significantly faster and easier than any alternative.


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