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    Unanswered: replication error

    i have a problem

    when i select distributor and click next

    "SQL server agent on 'PC-...' currently uses the system account, which causes replication between servers to fail. In te following dialog box, specify another account for the Service startup account"


    "SQL server enterprise manager couldn not configure 'PC-...' as the distributor for 'PC-...'

    Error 18483: Could not connect to server 'PC-...' because 'distributor admin' is not defined as a remote login at the server."

    what can i do?

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    on the wrong server
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    I would start by setting up the sql server agent to use a domain user account. I am no replication expert. Not yet anyways. That project is coming soon.
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    My suggestions are:

    1. Create a domain user specifically for SQL replication, and no other purpose
    2. Before you get a new machine involved with replication, make that domain user a local administrator on the new machine.
    3. Start the SQL Agent on the machine that is the distributor using the domain accout from step 1.

    Depending on how far you got with the replication installation, you may want to reinstall Replication. I know that I would!


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