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    Unanswered: The exception met when restore backup volumn from tape

    I backuped a database to a tape. When I restore it to another server.
    I speaks such exception:
    Aug 28 15:38:39 2006: Backup Server: [96] The 'read' call failed for device '/dev/rmt0.1' with error number 5 (I/O error). Refer to your operating system documentation for further details.
    Aug 28 15:38:39 2006: Backup Server: Volume rejected.
    Aug 28 15:39:04 2006: Backup Server: /dev/rmt0.1: volume not valid or not requested (server: , session id: 5.)
    Aug 28 15:39:0

    The two servers' enviroment is samelous such as the version of UNIX and sybase, the codepage and charactercode.

    I'm appreciated somebody else could guide me.

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    Sybase deos recognize that as an dump device. Your tape drive may have other things that Syabse deos not recognize and rejects the tape.

    Use mt to check the status of the tape drive first. Make sure it is rewound.

    Then use
    load tran tempdb from /dev/rmt0.1 with listonly = full

    If the above fails, don't bother doing anything else, the tape is cooked.

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