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    Cool Unanswered: Strange error: IFS-30002

    Hi all,

    I'm assigned a portal system which is using Oracle to administer. I don't really have a useful technical documentation about this server. What I know is that, it's a website which is developed by the Oracle portal facility. This portal has some publisher users which publish some pdf documents to the Oracle through oracle file system. The publishers told me that from few days ago till now, they were unable to publish their documents and they are getting such an error:

    IFS-30002: Unable to create new library object.
    I searched through the net, there is nothing about this error except that some descriptions suggest that there might be duplicate names or something. But, this system was working perfectly and suddenly it stopped publishing!

    Please let me know if anybody has experience with this error and what are the ways to attemp solving the problem?

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    Look for other errors in the IFS logs -- I assume you are using Oracle Enterprise Manager to manage IFS.

    The most common is: No more space on disk/No more space on CMSDK tablespace(s).

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