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    Unanswered: Data transfer between DB2 and MS SQL and Isloation Levels

    I want to take data by Bulk Copy from DB2 to MS sql frequently for a back up strategy...
    But the datas in DB2 are using in the all day..Becouse of this while i am taking data from DB2 to MS sql i dont want to locck the tables in DB2 for daily usage...What kind of isolation level should i use?
    I think to use SQl DTS fot this but i think it's impossible to define the DB2's isolation level by MS SQL DTS packages...Even if instead of this i use code fro data traNSFER which kind of db2-sql syntax should i use to define that correspounded tables should not be locked??

    Thank u

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    I'm no expert in DTS, but I would assume that it will be using ODBC to access DB2, in which case you can use the TXNISOLATION keyword in db2cli.ini file

    the ini file will be under your sqllib directory.

    Now, about what isolation level to use ... Well, what do you mean by 'data is being used all day' ... does it mean, read or write ... If it is read, you can use cursor stability, which will read only committed records and will not lock out the record for read by other applications ... Though, be cautious about using uncommitted read as this will capture all uncommitted records from the table also, which is likely not desirable ..

    If the data of the exisiting records are changing, then it is a bit tricky .. it is not possible to suggest without knoiwing a) the type of data change and b) the criterion for rew selection for copy by DTS.


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    Thanx but

    Thanx for your quick response...

    I want to know that if the sql lib of the machine which DB2 Runs??
    Whatz the exact path?And how will i modify it?

    And also runs dailt everyday means the there are readings and writings to the table very frequently in all day.So i think so the 2nd option of
    SQL_TXN_READ_COMMITTED (default) - Read Committed (Cursor stability)

    will be more effective...
    Thank u

    ps:Our Platform which DB2 Runs is OS 400
    and MS SQL is Windows Server 2003

    Osman AYHAN
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    aND ALSO TO YOUR questions;
    a)The tyep of the data that are changing are floats and chars

    b)Criteria for row selection is;there is no criteria select * from XXX
    Becouse i want to make a bulk copy and replicate the data that runs on DB2 to the MS SQL


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