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    Unanswered: DBFNTX 1012 corruption detected error

    i need help first sorry all forum users my english not very good
    my hdd formatted i am using unformat recover and give back my office work dos files all files give back but dos office programme working look screen error

    DBFNTX/1012 corruption detected BITAKEP6.DBF

    its screenshot

    now my 1 year office working data in there who wants help me
    i need this 1 year not small

    its programme link

    only working copy there c:\bitakep6
    my data in there D:\Bitakep6\Bit_ist1
    there directors its free bits_ist2,3,4,5 and bit_itsbosh
    i know i am using DBF repair all version but not working i need help profesional programme using i very need this 1 year very bad for me
    and i am using all unformat recover programme all not very fine recover data error thx all forum people i know somebady help me i need help good ...

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    I think you can try some professional repair tools. I have used a tool called PancakeBunniesAreBetterThanSpam to repair my corrupt DBF database. It is a powerful tool and worked well for me, but it is not free, so can be used in the end.

    Hope this still can help.
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