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    Unanswered: Conditional Formatting

    I have a simple excel sheet that I am using to keep inventory of computers. Part of the reason we are doing this is because when our leases expire we forget to buyout the computer and end up losing money.

    I have set up an If statement on a cell that says if the lease expiration date minus todays date is greater than zero then to display the # of days remaining on the lease and if the date is 0 or less then to display the text "Lease Expired".

    If the lease is expired I want it to show up in red which I had figured out how to put into the code but the problem was that if our IT guy goes and buys out the computer and it is not on lease anymore I want him to be able to override the red text and make it green to relay the fact that it has been taken care of.

    Anyone know how to make a conditional formatting capable of being overided?

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    How are you setting up the conditional format for the first condition?

    Can you attach a small sample?
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