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    Unanswered: Help analyze error messages

    This is from a Pers script using PG module and interacting with database. What could this mean?

    Thu Aug 31 11:49:37 2006: Query failed: ERROR: Cannot insert a duplicate key into unique index savegrouprun_pkey

    Thu Aug 31 11:49:37 2006: ERROR: AddSaveGroupRun(27, Aug 31 12:00:00 2006, Aug 31 12:00:04 2006, 1) Failed!
    Thu Aug 31 11:49:37 2006: Trying Again...

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    It looks like you're trying to violate the primary or unique key contstraint for your table.

    Since the name of the constraint is savegrouprun_pkey, it's probably the primary key.

    It also appears that the insertion id coming from a stored function called AddSaveGroupRun

    select	a.constraint_name, b.table_name, b.column_name
    from	information_schema.table_constraints a, information_schema.key_column_usage b
    where	a.constraint_name = b.Constraint_name and
    	a.constraint_name = 'savegrouprun_pkey'
    order by  b.ordinal_position
    will tell you which table/columns define the primary key constraint.
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