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    Unanswered: Beginner seeks help

    My company needs a database. My first thought was to do it in Access, because it's available! But I wanted to check that that was smart, what its limitations are, when it's better to move to bigger / more expensive software, etc.

    It's probably going to have several hundred thousand records in and will grow by more than a hundred thousand every year. Is there a size limit?

    Not that many fields, though - it's not that complicated a database.

    Many thanks in advance for any help

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    MS Access 2000 has a 2 gig limit.

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    Does it still have the 1 gig limit on table size? Even that would suffice for this user's requirements, most likely.
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    For this situation, Access should be doable, but here are a few things to consider:

    1. How many users are you going to need to support?
    2. How many concurrent users do you expect at any given time?

    Hope this helps in your decision-making...


    P.S. - got any more beer?

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    If you are looking for a low price database engine , MSDE may meet your needs . MSDE if a free sql server database desktop engine , you can download it from .Just like sql server enterprise edition , msde also provide an easy way to back up your important data , it supports full and diffenentail backup , for access db , you have to copy the whole file for each time you back it up .


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