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    Unanswered: Report problem

    i have a report "repEndOfDaySummary" which works fine gives me all the info i want but 1. This is a data base for selling tickets in a cinema my report only shows the tickets that were sold that day but if no one was in the movie for that day then that movie does not show in my report i want it so show in my report and say 0 tickets sold and 0 money taken for that report.

    i have attched a down graded verson of the database
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    Look at the relationship you mite have a 1 to 1 relationship but you want a 1 to meny

    or show me all the records from here and where they are the match

    Right click on the black line between the to tables read teh option boxes
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    the report as it stands is fine but the table "tblsetshowsTemp" holes the dates that the films are on. if i dont sell any tickets there is no info in the table "tblsalesforreport" what i want is if there is no tickets in "tblsalesforreport" but there is in the table "tblsetshowsTemp"

    at the min my report shows

    Movie name: Tickets sold: Total Money

    You Me and Dupree 25 175

    and so on

    now if a movie was scheduled to play but no1 came it does not show in my report what i want to show is

    You Me and Dupree 0 0

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    Missing values from report

    Hi Mega,

    I tried to look at your sample database but it does not open (form frmlogin not found)

    I dont know enough about the structure of your database to say definately what is wrong but let me suggest a possible cause. Perhaps the problem is dealing with NULL values. If you put 'Or Isnull(fieldname)' in your query criteria this could solve the problem.


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    if you hold down the [shift key] while oping the database it will open for you i have deleted most of the data base so i could upload it to here

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    Make an unmatched query (you can use the wizard to do this), change it to an append query, and put in some expressions with 0 for the tickets and 0 for the money to append to the those fields (i.e. DummyExpression: 0) in the Field row. Run the unmatched append query after you run your other query to the table the reports based on (this is assuming your making a temp table to base the report off of and also that you have 2 tables to work with - 1 could be the temp table or a query itself - I didn't get much of a chance to look at your mdb so I'm not quite sure how you're doing it.)
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